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Post  Admin on Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:13 pm

Hello and Welcome to STX Gaming Community.

No Joke! You can have free admin access to our server here is what you do.

Details: (First 10 People will Recieve Free Admin Access)
After We have recieved the First 10 people Admin access will Be $5 a Month after that.

Free Admin Access will Last for 3 Months After That you will have to Pay to have Admin Access

1. Send Link a pm with your game name and your STEAM ID.
2. Bring Your Friends and who ever to the server.
3. Tell everyone you know about our website

Thats it. After PM is recieved You will be added and will have admin access to our server

Rules for Admins:

1. Do not abuse your power. If found abusing admin you will loose your access.
2. Be Nice and respectful to everyone.
3. Damage Caused by you as an admin to our server = Perm Ban.

STX Gaming Community


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